Politically right, morally wrong

Politicians are the worst hypocrites. Their tongues can twist and bend to suit the situation but can never tell a straight truth. Their lives can make award winning movies filled with sensational drama. They are kings as long as the voters are uneducated and ill-informed. They prove to us that we are nothing but the descendents of apes from the wild by their practice of the jungle law ‘might is right’ even in our civilized society. They can lead the nation in only one direction- towards the dark wild jungle. They teach their children and the entire nation by their example that rules look good in the book and they are not to be practiced.

Today’s coalition politics has done more damage than good to the nation. People thought one party may keep the other under check. But all have turned out to be playing with the lives of the general public. They play dirty games to keep the equations straight and remain in power. Even the most honest becomes puppets and dance to the tune of the coalition members. They compromise their moral values and standards and play politics of power and money.

Gone are the days of leaders who thought about the future of the country. Now they don’t have time enough to think about themselves so their family members also started playing politics with them. The word ‘Politician’ has become synonymous to ‘scammer’. They legislate and exempt themselves from the laws. Citizens are to pay taxes, tolls, levies, ‘cess’, surcharge and fines. Politicians feel they are not citizens but kings. Politics and morality are poles apart. In politics there is only one principle – maintain your power by hook or crook. Morality will sacrifice power and position but Politics will never. The right place for these people are jails. They are the most dangerous species on earth and should not be let loose.  Wake up India, wake up!


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Nation of Scammers

Our politicians have made our country infamous by the way they are looting the wealth of the nation and fooling the citizens. Country has come to top ranks on the list of corrupt nations. The worst thing about it all is that these criminals are shameless. They talk like sants and try to deny their crime. They are a curse to Bharat.

The manner in which the whole thing is handled is still surprising. The government is trying to justify the crimes of some and trying to hush up the misdeeds of some others. The lakhs of crores of rupees that were stolen by few individuals is going to come back on the heads of the poor citizens. We will have to pay for all these by way of some tax or the other. What about the thieves? They will go scot free and continue to live in style, may be in some foreign country.

These culprits and their associates should not be allowed to escape. All their assets should be confiscated and the loss should be recovered to the last rupee. They should never again be allowed to contest an election for public office in the country and be banned from holding any office of responsibility in the country. There should be severe legal action as per the law of the land, to show that the ‘law makers’ are not above the law themselves.

If this is not done, days are not too far when the people of this country would take it to the streets in every state like what we have seen in Tunisia and what is happening in Egypt and such other countries. The Maoists, Naxalites and the like are only signals of the tsunami that is going to strike the nation. People are not going to take it lying down for too long.


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Stinking Politics

Indian politics has been rotting. Now that the stench is spread all over the world it is time for the dormant middle class to wake up and act. The tycoons of religions, governments and businesses are hand in glove in their move to loot this nation. They are diplomatic in their talk, cunning in their moves and absolutely shameless when caught. They will go on looting until the middle class stand up and oppose them.

The middle class are the actual working class. They labor and toil, pay taxes from their salaries, tighten their pants and watch the prices of essential stuff soar, commute up and down swallowing the emissions of the affluent, fall sick and die and untimely death leaving their families in utter misery. The middle class go through endless sufferings-at the work place, the market, the banks, government departments, hospitals, at their children’s schools, and where not? They should have their PAN, TAN and DIN and bow before the IT dept. while the rich and the powerful get away with their false statements. The media has more than once revealed that most of the politicians, who are worth several crores as per their own declarations, do not pay their taxes. Will the IT dept. have enough guts to send notices to all these tax cheaters? Every time a politician is caught in a scam he levels an allegation against the opposition, thus trying to vindicate his action. Where in the world we have a moral system except in India where one thief is justified by exposing another thief?

Until the middle class of this country comes out on the street against to show that our conscience is not dead yet, our country will suffer under the hands of these thieves.  We should fight for a legislation that would keep criminal elements from politics permanently. Once a politician is caught in a scam or case of corruption he/she should never be allowed to contest in elections to any public office. This should be demanded and fought for as the right of every voter. Unless we do this we will perish as hapless citizens of an ancient awakened civilization.

Wake up India, wake up!

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The Corruption Spiral

Someone said, “Politicians are like bananas. Some are green, some are ripe, but not one in the bunch is straight.”

Raja was asked to resign, at last! The epicenter of corruption is in the citadels of power. The power of small regional parties in taking the nation for ransom has been well proven. This also exposes the greatest weak point of any coalition government. But a government formed on principles of ethics should not bite into these baits. Let the government fall but the people should not be let down. These rogues are swallowing up the hard-earned money of the citizens.

Our politics has degenerated to a shameful level. Our country is infected with the worst political cancer. We the people have to come to terms with it. Our people should make up their minds to fight it tooth and nail, at least, for the sake of our children and grand children. Left unchecked, this spiral will only suck more and more people into it. Then it will invite more explosive and dangerous situations.

The average citizen will be disheartened and demotivated if nothing is done to contain this evil. They will turn irresponsible towards the authority and eventually become bitter.

Some will react and become rebellious, even violent. These may turn out to be anti social in their attitudes and behavior. Naxalites, Maoists and the likes are the outcome of such frustrations. Unfortunately, these rebels target poor fellow citizens instead of the corrupt netas.

There are others who will make hay while the sun shines. They join the gang, beat the iron when it is hot, dig where it is wet and manipulate every situation to their advantage. advantage. For them any situation is ok. Corruption is blessing in disguise for them.

Its time to wake up and unite against these corrupt politicians. Shun them during the elections and reject their goodies. Campaign against them. See they are defeated. Create a movement to demand a legislation against them, that any politician who has been convicted once by the court of law on any charge, should never be allowed to stand for election to any public office.

Wake up India, wake up!

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We have fasts, feasts and festivals all through the year. Some keep their celebrations sober and silent while others make it loud and boisterous.

We celebrated Deewali or Deepavali recently and the crackers are still bursting. It used to be festival of lights, not bombs. Festivities have also acquired the modern dimension. We want to embrace the global trend, and, at the same time, don’t want to give up the traditional flavors. This is the struggle our genNext is going through. They want the best of both worlds, but the modern seems more tempting as it emboldens them to break free from every rule that would stop them. Traditionally, we learn that rules are to be broken.

There are rules that festivities should not encroach into the personal life and freedom of the neighbors, particularly the aged and sick. Governments appeal through media that people should avoid celebrations that pollute the surroundings. In spite of all that we go on blasting the kind of explosives that can give people a cardiac arrest. In colonies were houses are close to each other the residents suffer for a week from noise and air pollution. Allergies and asthma lingers after the festivities. Fire accidents and burns are too common. Yet we carry on, year after year.

Prices of firecrackers have skyrocketed and the money literally goes up in a smoke. Average families burst a good amount of their money thus during celebrations. Middle class households in the neighborhoods compete in making the loudest and longest sound and fire display. Some people start their fireworks after everyone in the locality has finished. They want to prove their prowess by burning their money. Young people exhibit their courage by playing dangerously with explosives, like, bursting it in their hands and so on. These people should be enlisted in the army and send to the border to check on intruders.

Often public celebrations are illuminated with stolen power supply. No one pays for it! They don’t even request for permission to use precious electricity. Thus, celebrations are opportunities to violate rules and assert our freedom. Mera Bharat Mahan!

Who will teach our young generation that rules are to be obeyed and not broken! Who will teach them that celebrations are for people; without healthy people there could be no celebration!

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Divine case in a human court

Human courts pronounce verdict on God’s case! What an irony! When our God is not in a position to take care of himself and his property, we have to kick in.

It is nothing less than our best that God wants. But then, if God needs our support to make his stand, what does it make of him? Only our sants and sages know. But when it comes to the common man he knows he has to fight for the rights of his God. He should find for him the best dwelling place so there will be the biggest crowd of devotees, and the best of offerings. And as it grows it will attract the netas and dadas who will patronize the rituals and celebrations and eventually take over the reigns. They do a lot of good for the growth of the establishment, which would work in favor of their political ambitions. People are happy, politicians are happy.

The verdict on the ownership of the most sensitive spot in the country was an attempt to assuage all concerned. The government exercises control over the religious affairs of some people or involves in the matters of some others, so that government funds are made available to these groups for various religious purposes. At the same time there are others who do not find favor in the eyes of the authorities and governments but promptly pay their taxes and dues. While they don’t get anything from the government for their religious activities, their contribution is used to satisfy others’ religious exercises. No body seems to be bothered.

Let the government be neutral and let them treat all religious places on parity. They would do better if they can avoid financial commitments to religious bodies altogether. Let the devotees take care of their religious functions. Let governments focus on education, health care, infrastructure and other common needs.

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Terror Image

Terror has always a negative picture in human minds. No human will appreciate terror and would want his loved ones to be victims of terror. Only those morons who wouldn’t mind killing their own kith and kin would support terror. Terror has achieved nothing good in the world and would never achieve anything good because it ends in destruction and generates hatred. Terror has never earned people’s allegiance to any philosophy or rule except that of the weak-hearted or ill informed morons. Those who discovered the way of peace on their own without any external pressures would always remain fearless and strong in spite of any terror. Terror is inhuman and subhuman, it is demonic. What one achieves by terror too is demonic. It is a foolish assumption that you can bring about peace through terror. Terror will bring forth more terror and at the end, absolute destruction.

Our world is moving towards darker days when evil people will make life miserable on this earth. It is true that God would judge the world for all that we people are doing. God would never appoint the corrupt humans (our present political and religious leaders) to execute His holy judgments. He is not weak that He needs the support of these hooligans to achieve His purposes. If he needs it he is not God. His image bites the dust by the terror that He delegates.

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